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BBC Magazine Varosha: The abandoned tourist resort

Posted by on Jan 14, 2014








Be sure to check out the article on our project in BBC Magazine.

The article appeared on January 14th, 2014


  1. I lived for a while at 2A Drossinis Street from 1959-1962 where Nicos and Maria Vassiliou was our landlords. I recognised the divisionism the island suffered leading to the situation as it is today. We had wonderful friends in both communities who to us were never regarded as different. So sort out the real source of divisionism and get the island populations living as one in peace. Oh! I forgot you now have a population of Russians – I wonder if Makarios’s saw that coming! Love you all. Please learn to be human-beings and not servants to any serf producing religious cultural dictatorships.

  2. Famagusta-Varoshia the best part of my whole life /71y. old/

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